24 Nov 2013

WIWTW (What I Wore This Week) #8

Hey everyone, 

If you've noticed I've been M.I.A this week. I've been super busy and working everyday, so decided that I would have a week of not blogging. To be honest I just couldn't find the time. I still took some outfit pics though, and here they are. 

As I mentioned last week, I got my hair done on Wednesday, and I love it! I absolutely love the white blonde colour, and the style has been cut into more of a bob, so the back and sides can grow down and be one length, and I can't wait until it's shoulder length!

Back to the clothes. I wore this first outfit to work. I got the gorgeous aztec midi skirt from the New Sale about a month or so ago, but this is the first time I'd worn it. I think it's perfect for autumn, as it's mostly autumnal colours. I played up the forest green in the skirt with my top, and left in un-tucked for a more casual look. 

Forest Green Long Sleeved Top and Aztec Midi Skirt
Top - New Look/Skirt - New Look/Boots - ASOS/Necklace - New Look

My second outfit was not a work outfit, I just wore it while I was doing some errands. I've had this dress a good few months now but didn't get round to wearing it as I thought everyone would think I was a crazy cat lady. I am, but I don't want everyone to know that. I love this dress, it's so comfy but still looks like I've made an effort. 

Dress - ASOS/Boots - Primark

My final outfit is my favourite of the week. I wore it to work on Friday. I'm loving these checked shirts, I have this monochrome one and I also have a red checked one. I wear them over loads of different things, I think I'll pick up the green and red version from New Look this week. The black cami I'm wearing underneath is so versatile, I've tucked it into my jeans here, but it looks lovely left loose. It would be great for a night out too, just take off the shirt and add some sexy heels!

Grey Checked Shirt over Lacey Cami
Cami - New Look/Shirt - New Look/Jeans - TopShop/Boots - River Island 

Do you have any favourite outfits you've worn this week?

Laura x 

17 Nov 2013

WIWTW (What I Wore This Week) #7

Hey everyone, 

I said in last week's WIWTW post that I wasn't going to straighten my hair for the whole of November. Well I haven't straightened it so far, but I'm getting my hair done on Wednesday, so from next week you won't have to see this awful hairstyle and too much root regrowth! Thank god, eh!?

This first outfit I wore for work on Tuesday. You may have seen this top in my recent new in post. I think it looks so much nicer on than it does on the hangar, not that I didn't fall in love with it as soon as I saw it! I decided to toughen up the look with my leather look shorts and cut out ankle boots. 

Navy Sheer Check Tee and Faux Leather Shorts
Top -- New Look/Shorts - New Look/Boots - River Island 

My second outfit of the week was a fairly casual one. I love the print on this Topshop tee, and it's long enough to wear over leggings on a super casual day. I decided I would tuck it into my velvet skater skirt for a slightly more put-together look. Opaque tights are definitely a must! I wore my ASOS boots for the first time, even though I showed them in a post a little while ago. They were actually too small when I got them, so I had to exchange them for a bigger size. They fit perfectly now and I'm super happy with them. 

Printed Tee and Velvet Skater Skirt
T-shirt - Topshop/Skirt - New Look/Boots - ASOS

My final outfit of the week is my favourite. You've seen this monochrome floral top before, but I love wearing it. I love that I can throw it on with a pair of leggings and it still looks I've made an effort. I grabbed this lace cardigan/kimono at work, as it was the only one in-store. I'd seen one on the River Island website earlier in the day for about £40! I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it and I'm planning on throwing it over a bodycon dress for a night out. 

Black Lace Kimono, Monochrome Floral Cami, Cut Out Ankle Boots
Top - New Look/Leggings - New Look/Lace cardigan - New Look/Boots - ASOS

What have you been wearing this week? 

Laura x 

15 Nov 2013

Friday Favourites #2

Hey everyone, 

I'm going to talk about a few of my favourite outfits from some fashion bloggers I follow again. So read on to see who's outfits I've been loving this week...

I came across Sophie's blog last week and I absolutely love her style! The plaid dress is gorgeous, and the way Sophie has worn her jacket across her shoulders is so chic. The main thing I love about this outfit though is her hat. I really can't wait until my hair grows to shoulder length so I can wear hats again. At the moment, when I put a hat I feel like a boy!

Bec's blog, Right up My Street, is another fairly new addition to my reading list, and another outfit featuring a hat. Can you see an obsession forming? The way Bec has made a simple jeans ans sweater outfit look super cool by adding some ankle boots and a hat, I love!

Three things jumped out at me from Sarah's outfit. The gorgeous colour of her sweater, her quilted leather skirt, and her absolutely amazing tartan and studded clutch bag. If someone described this outfit to me I wouldn't think it would look that great, but it look so cool and effortless on Sarah. 

And finally for this week, I fell in love with Joanne's outfit. Mainly her boots. I need them. And I've just realised, this outfit also features a hat! Although this is a faux fur hat, it still adds some thing a bit different to the look. I think what I love most about Joanne's outfit is that it looks super cosy!

Go check out everyone's blog, they're all amazing!

Laura x 

14 Nov 2013

How I Style: The Oversized Biker #2

Oversized Biker Jacket and Striped Skirt

Oversized Biker Jacket and Striped Skirt

Oversized Biker Jacket and Striped Skirt

Oversized Biker Jacket and Striped Skirt

Hey everyone, 

Today I'm styling my oversized biker a little more formally. I would wear this outfit on a night out, but I would swap my flats for heels, of course!

Keeping to a monochrome palette gives a stylish feel to the outfit, while the oversized biker keeps the whole look on trend. 

Will you be investing in an oversized biker coat this season?

Laura x 

13 Nov 2013

How I Style: The Oversized Biker #1

Cat Maxi Dress, Oversized Biker Jacket and Ankle Boots

Cat Maxi Dress, Oversized Biker Jacket and Ankle Boots

Cat Maxi Dress, Oversized Biker Jacket and Ankle Boots
Cat Maxi Dress, Oversized Biker Jacket and Ankle Boots
Dress - Ebay
Jacket - New Look
Boots - Primark

Hey everyone, 

Here is a very simple way I style my oversized biker. 

Layering it over a midi dress is a great way to make a feminine piece a bit edgier and on-trend. 

I think I'm showing my crazy cat lady tendencies with this dress!

I always throw on a pair of ankle boots with my dress in the autumn and winter, although I'm going to have to start wearing tights as it's freezing now!

Check back tomorrow to see how else I style my oversized biker. 

Laura x 

12 Nov 2013

New In: Check Crazy

Hey everyone, 

So I did a little shopping while I was at work the other day. By shopping at work I mean seeing items I love and putting them away in the staff hold cupboard to purchase when I finish my shift. When you work in a clothes shop and get a great staff discount, it's really tempting to just buy everything you love! Which is why I've put myself on a shopping ban for the whole of November. I. Will. Not. Shop. 

Anyway, back to what I did buy. I went a little crazy with the checks!

Checked Clothing Haul

This blue chiffon checked t-shirt is probably my favourite of the three items. The colours in the print are gorgeous and the fit is really nice. I'm normally a size 10, but I decided to get a 12 as it fitted nicer. I'm going to wear this top with a navy vest underneath and with high waisted jeans for work. I'd also wear this for a night out, possibly with just a bra underneath and my black disco pants. 

Checked Clothing Haul
get a similar top here

I bought this dress as I think I will get a lot of wear out of it. The skater style is very flattering on my body shape, and the tartan print is of course the print of the season. 

Checked Clothing Haul
get this dress here

And finally, I have the red and green version of this shirt already from a few years ago. When I saw it in black and white I knew I have to have it. We'd had it in store for a while but never in my size, so when I noticed there was a 10 in stock I snapped it up! It's going to be such a versatile piece in my wardrobe, either buttoned up with a statement necklace, or left open over t-shirts. I'm also thinking of wearing it over the red checked dress, too!

Checked Clothing Haul
get this shirt here

What have you been buying lately?

Laura x 

10 Nov 2013

WIWTW (what I wore this week) #6

Hey everyone, 

My first outfit this week was a super casual one.  I decided to wear my Chicago top, as it's so soft and comfy, and I could wear leggings with them, which are obviously super comfy too!

I decided that I'm not going to straighten my hair for the whole of November, but my roots are in serious need of being done, so that might not  last very long!

Grey Baseball Tee and Purple Trainers 

 My second outfit of the week is another pretty casual look. I love this autumn floral top, it's a good length for wearing with leggings and boots,  but I'm also planning on wearing it tucked into skirts. 

My third outfit of this week was inspired by a dress I saw on the Miss Selfridge website. It was a cami dress with a white t-shirt underneath. Since I already had a cami dress, I thought I'd try putting a white tee underneath, and I really liked how it looked. 

You'll notice that my knee high boots have been in every outfit, they've never been off my feet for the past few weeks!

What have you been wearing this week?

Laura x 

8 Nov 2013

Friday Favourites #1

Hey everyone, 

This is going to be a new feature on my blog. I love to spend my spare time lost in the world of fashion blogs. If I love a bloggers outfit, I leave a comment and then look through their other comments to see if I come across a new blog that I want to follow. I've found so many amazing blogs this way!

I've decided that I'm going to show my favourite outfits from bloggers each week, and of course include links to their blogs!

Firstly, let's talk about Hannah's outfit. It's the pink coat. It's the cute shoes. I love everything about her outfit. Pink is THE colour to be seen in this winter, and Hannah pulls it off amazingly! The dog shoes add some personally to her amazing outfit. 

I only came across Helen's blog a few days ago, after she commented on one of my posts. I'm really glad she did as I love her blog! For me, this outfit is perfect. The forest green jumper looks amazing with the checked coat, and the black leather trousers add an interesting texture. 

I discovered Charlotte Martin's blog because of her amazing hair. I think I searched blonde hair on Pinterest, came across an image of Charlotte, then followed a link to her blog. She literally has my dream hair! Pure white and cut into a blunt bob, I think it's gorgeous! Anyway, back to the outfit. I love the simplicity of Charlotte's style, and what I love about this particular outfit is that she's wearing leather dungarees, and totally pulls them off! The coat draped over her shoulders is also super cool. 

And last, but definitely not least, is Rosie's Houndstooth outfit. It's the houndstooth and tartan combo which I totally fell in love with in this outfit. Well it would be, it's clearly the focus of Rosie's outfit! The simple white tee and black trousers show exactly how to make clashing prints work!

Let me know if you think I'd like your outfit posts so I can check them out!

Laura x 

7 Nov 2013

How I Style: OKB (over knee boots) #2

Over Knee Boots and Floral Bodycon Dress
Over Knee Boots and Floral Bodycon Dress

Over Knee Boots and Floral Bodycon Dress

Over Knee Boots and Floral Bodycon Dress
Dress - New Look
Scarf - Miss Selfridge
Boots - New Look 
Bangles - Miss Selfridge 

Hey everyone, 

This is how I would style my over knee boots for a night out. Even though my boots are flat I's still wear them on a night out, I think the fact that they are over the knee makes them a bit more formal when paired with the right outfit.

This fitted mini dress looks perfect with my black over the boots, as the background of the floral pattern is also black. The fit of this dress is also very flattering, which is why I like wearing. 

I decided to add a contrasting floral snood, rather than a chunky necklace.

Would you wear flat boots on a night out?

Laura x 

6 Nov 2013

How I Style: OKB (over knee boots) #1

Over Knee Boots, Faux Leather Gilet

Over Knee Boots, Faux Leather Gilet

Over Knee Boots, Faux Leather Gilet

Over Knee Boots, Faux Leather Gilet
Top - New Look
Gilet - Topshop
Leggings - New Look
Boots - New Look
Scarf - Miss Selfridge 

Hey everyone, 

Here is an outfit I'd typically wear with my over knee boots. Leggings are great for a casual look as they're obviously skin tight and smooth under the boots, meaning they're very comfortable. 

Whenever I wear leggings I always wear a long top that covers my bum, I'm just not into the leggings-as-trousers look! This grey top is perfect for styling up with a scarf, as I have done here, as it is nice and simple but a little bit of interest in the cut out shoulders. 

My leather gilet gives a biker edge to the outfit, while the pink chiffon scarf and pink lipstick keep it feminine.

How would you style over knee boots?

Laura x 

5 Nov 2013

The Autumn Edit: What's in, What's out!

Hey everyone, 

I was inspired by Anna's Autumn Edit Video to share what's in and what's out in my wardrobe and make-up bag in preparation for the colder months. 

Firstly, lets talk about fashion. 

Light, floaty dresses are out. It's too cold, even with cardigans to wear them. Plus, most of my summer dresses just don't look right once autumn sets in. Replacing these will be velvet dresses. I have a few from last winter which I love. There's something about the texture that makes me feel festive, and of course velvet is a much warmer fabric. 

Autumn Edit: Dresses

I think it goes without saying that floaty, strappy cami's are out for autumn/winter (although I still have a couple which I'm going to layer with). I'm going to be replacing my cami's with fluffy jumpers. They still make a statement and are feminine, but of course, keep you snuggly!

Autumn Edit: Camis to Crop Tops

For my feet, out goes the ballet pumps/slipper shoes. It rains so much in the autumn and the last thing I want is cold, wet feet. Already I've been getting lots of wear out of my knee boots, and I'm sure I'll be living in them until spring. 

Autumn Edit: Shoes

On to the make-up and beauty.

As the darker nights cut it, a bright lip just doesn't seem right. So out goes the naked eyes and bright lips, in come the smoky eyes and deep lips. I've never really been into eyeshadow, but recently I've been loving a light smoky eye. The next time I go out with the girls I'm going to try a deeper smoky eye.

Autumn Edit: Bright Lips to Smokey Eyes

For my nails, out goes the brights again. My favourite nail polish at the moment is Essie's Bahama Mama. It has a perfect mix of burgundy and deep berry. 

Autumn Edit: Nails

And finally, I always like to start wearing a deeper scent come autumn. During the warmer months I've been wearing Marc Jacobs DOT, which is quite sweet and floral. Vivienne Westwood's Naughty Alice is my go-to perfume for autumn/winter. It has a very powdery scent, which I find comforting when it's cold and wet outside.

What's in your autumn edit?

Laura x 

3 Nov 2013

WIWTW (what I wore this week) #5

Hey everyone, 

If you hadn't noticed (where have you been?!) it was Halloween on Thursday. It was fancy dress at work, but since I have to get the bus to work I didn't want to wear a full on costume. Instead I decided to go all out with my make-up, adding the blood once I'd gotten to work, of course!

What do you think of my Vampire outfit/make-up?

Vampire Halloween Costume
Top, skirt, boots and necklace - all New Look

This second outfit is what I wore to work yesterday. My hair's looking a bit crazy as I've decided I'm going to try not to straighten it this month, but we'll see how long that lasts. 

I love wearing this striped top, it's so versatile! I decided to clash some patterns, with the stripes, tapestry print, and animal print hairband!

Stripes and Aztec Print
Top and skirt - New Look
Boots - Primark 

Do you like to clash patterns in your outfits?

Laura x 

1 Nov 2013

October Obsession: Sea Green Cami

Sea Green Cami

Hey everyone, 

This month my obsession has been this gorgeous sea green cami top from New Look. 

I've worn it so much this month, although I haven't photographed all of these outfits as I'm sure you'd get bored of seeing the same top over and over again.

I've worn it simply with black skinny jeans, with an aztec printed fitted skirt, tucked into leather shorts and also with a simple black skirt. I've loved how all of these outfits looked.

What I really like about this top is that the fabric is thicker, so I can still wear it throughout the autumn and winter, although I'd definitely have to layer a cardigan or blazer over the top to keep my arms warm!

What have you been obsessing over this month?

Laura x