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Split, Croatia Travel Guide | Krka National Park

If you haven’t read my first Croatia post, catch it here. I mentioned that the main reason Croatia has been on travel bucket list for years is that I wanted to swim in waterfalls, and swim in waterfalls I did! 

As soon as we booked our little holiday and started researching things to do we knew we wanted to visit Krka National Park. If you search the location tag on Instagram you’ll see for yourself just how amazing it looks – lots of greenery, amazing views and waterfalls. Have I mentioned the waterfalls!?
We originally we going to hire a car and drive up ourselves as it is approximately an hour and a half drive from Spilt. After looking into the prices of car hire companies, and how much the entrance fee is for Krka National Park, we realised it would be less expensive just to book onto one of the tours. You meet down at the seafront, jump on an air-conditioned coach and the driver organises your entrance tickets too. This cost 720 Kuna for the two of us, which is approximately £90. It would have been £60 for car hire and then around £25 each for the Krka ticket. If you prefer doing your own thing it might be worth the extra cost, but for us the ease of someone else organising it, and the fact it was a little bit cheaper too, made us go for the trip. 

Bare in mind when you arrive at Krka you then have to get a shuttle bus down to the footpath. You could walk this but it would probably take a long time. The shuttle bus takes around ten minutes, so not too long, and is included in the price of your entrance ticket. From here you can begin walking around the footpath which takes around the national park. 

If you’re on an organised trip here you’ll only have time to visit the first part of the park, as it is huge. If you have as much time as you like then you can jump on a boat trip down to another section of the park which takes around 3.5 hours. We obviously didn’t have enough time for that, we ended up with approximately 3.5 hours to explore altogether. 
Of course, the large waterfalls you can actually swim next to are the main attraction, but there are so many waterfalls throughout the park. There are wooden walkways built up for visitors to walk on, and you can’t swim anywhere but the main designated area, but the walk is just beautiful. There are lots of photo opportunities and amazing views over the park. Beware though, it gets very busy so you’ll need to be patient at the viewpoints etc. Also, wear comfortable shoes and cool clothing. Although quite a lot of the walk is shaded there are areas in direct sunlight. Wear clothing you can take on and off. I ended up walking around in my skirt and bikini top as I was just so hot. 

Tip – like most places in Split, make sure you have change on you for the toilet. It costs 5 Kuna each time, so keep those coins handy!

Onto the main event – actually swimming next to the waterfalls! My number one tip is to take some jelly shoes to wear in the water. Make sure they are the type that actually fastens to your feet – I took slider style jelly shoes and they fell off my feet so many times! The water is very, very rocky so something on your feet is an absolute must. You won’t get very far if you try to go in with bare feet. It is also not super easy to actually enter the water. It is an all natural national park, only the walkways and any safety barriers are man-made therefore you need to be prepared to do some clambering around to get into the water. Once you’re in around the sides you can stand up, but there are drops where you can’t touch the bottom. I like to be able to know where I can stand up and where I need to swim so I tended to stay where I knew I could stand on the rocks etc. We didn’t end up swimming right up to the barrier next to the waterfall. 

My next tip, if you want to take photos while you’re in the water is to buy one of the protective phone cases from Amazon like this one. Obviously, if your phone or camera is waterproof then you don’t need these, but I thought they were brilliant. 

After swimming, we decided to get some lunch. There is a big restaurant with a fair choice. It wasn’t overpriced like you’d expect when there is a captive audience, but it definitely wasn’t the nicest meal I’ve had. We both had grilled chicken and fries. You got a lot of food and it wasn’t awful, I’d give it a six out of ten I suppose. 

We then realised we had to start to make our way back to get the shuttle bus. We had to be back at our coach at 3pm, so left the main waterfalls at around 2. There is a bridge over the water with amazing views of the waterfalls. Be prepared to queue to get over this bridge, as you have to walk over it to continue with the trail but of course everyone wants to stop and take photographs so it takes a while. The last part of the trail is very uphill. I wasn’t prepared for this. I am so unfit!
Make sure you leave no less than half an hour to get the shuttle bus back to the main entrance. Most trips must leave at 3pm so there will be a lot of people waiting for the shuttle buses back. We didn’t seem to wait too long, and we made it back with five or ten minutes to spare. The bus left spot on 3pm so I’m glad we made it back on time. I fell asleep on the journey back to Split as I was so worn out. 

If you’re heading to Split I’d say Krka National Park was an absolute must do. I’d love to go back and spend more time exploring the park. 

Laura x 




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