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Enchanted Parks 2018 | A Round Up

I know, I know. Enchanted Parks is over, so why am I bothering to write this post? I’ve been meaning to visit for the last few years, but never got around to it, so last week I decided to see if there were any tickets left for the weekend and off we went on Friday night. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, so I thought I’d share the experience with you. 

When we entered the park and were greeted by actors I was surprised, and I kind of thought “here we go”, but I quickly realised why there were there – to let a certain amount of people through at a time, and to begin the ‘story’ of the Enchanted Parks, too. Each year, Enchanted Parks has a theme. This year it was ‘The House Of Lost And Found’. The idea being that the installations were all objects that people had lost in different centuries and different places around the world. 

The first installations you come across were random objects in cages and cases. To be honest, we didn’t look at these too closely as there were far too many people around and we wanted to break off on our own. If you’re more patient than us, then you won’t mind the crowds haha.  
Around halfway around we got the cafe where we both got a hot chocolate to warm our hands. They were quite expensive, but I expected it. Just after the cafe, you come to a section with lots and lots of beacons on fire, and these merry-go-round like installations. It was by far my favourite part – the flames and the music were captivating. The best part, though, was the hundreds of luggage tags tied to the fences where people had written on the things they had lost – the one I looked at said the bobble off my hat, amongst many others. 
My second favourite installation was the different neon phrases. They looked great against the trees in the park.

There was a market with food stalls – I heard Fat Hippo were there – but we’d already eaten before we got there so we gave it a miss. I think if I went again I’d try to visit this section, too. 
My overall thoughts? I think at £9 per ticket (plus a 50p booking fee) it is quite an expensive evening out, considering Sunderland Illuminations were only £2 per person. I can see why it was more expensive, there clearly had been a lot of work gone into the Enchanted Parks, and with the actors etc. But for me, it wasn’t really that much better than the Sunderland Illuminations. Would I go back? Yes, I would. We had a nice evening out when we have been sitting in the house ordinarily. One to put in the diary for next year, perhaps. 

Laura x 




  • New Girl in Toon

    We haven't been for years, we used to live just down the road so we could walk there, now it's a bit further away we've got too lazy to go! I do love it though, it's really beautiful and we still talk about some of the events we saw years ago! I don't think it used to be that expensive!

  • Laura

    Yes I thought it was a bit expensive – especially compared to the £2 Sunderland Illuminations! 🙂 x

  • Stuart Forster

    I think we have our favourite installation in common. I thought Meery Glow Round looked very photogenic.

  • Laura

    Super pretty! 🙂

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