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Three Reasons You Should Be Using Hootsuite To Schedule Your Social Media

I’ve been using Hootsuite to schedule my tweets for a few years now, but recently I’ve discovered a few features that make using social media to promote my blog even easier. If you’re not using Hootsuite, here are three reasons you should be. 

1. More engagement
Engagement is the name of the game when it comes to social media, right? Who wants to spend time creating content, and then creating social media content to promote it, if no one is actually going to read it? As I work, I just can’t share links during the day. I don’t have time and I can’t use my phone in working hours, anyway. Unless you work from home (isn’t that the dream?!) then I can’t see how you could realistically interact on social media throughout the day. If nothing is being tweeted, then you’re not going to get any engagement at all. I saw a huge difference in my page views when I wasn’t scheduling tweets. My posts went from receiving 500 views a week, to sometimes less than 50. Using Hootsuite has definitely upped my engagement and drives more traffic to my blog. 
2. You’ll save time
As I said in my first point, I just don’t have the time during the day to use Facebook and Twitter, but if I don’t put out a few links no one reads the post. Twice a week I schedule a few days worth of social media – both Facebook and Twitter. I’ll schedule a few blog links, maybe a link to my Instagram account or Pinterest, and I’ll retweet other bloggers content that I’ve found helpful and that I think my followers would enjoy reading too. Without Hootsuite, I just couldn’t do it! I also love how I can see what and I’ve scheduled on a calendar it’s so helpful. 

3. It’s free!
You can schedule up to 30 Twitter and/or Facebook posts at a time completely free with Hootsuite. If you need more than that you can sign up to a monthly account, but I find that 30 is enough for me. 

I use an app called Tailwind to schedule my Instagram as you can save groups of hashtags, it’s so handy! Let me know if you’d like me to chat about that at some point. 

Are there any apps you use for scheduling social media? Let me know below!

Laura x



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