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Animal Print Is A Neutral, Right?

Leopard print is a neutral, right?

Animal print has been having a bit of a revival over the last year, hasn’t it? Leopard and snake print have been the big ones, with zebra thrown in for good measure, too. There’s a good reason for this – animal print is a neutral. I’ve always been a leopard print fan, I remember owning a pair of shoes in this glorious print about 13 years ago. I LOVED them! That was back in the day when I’d wear them with a pair of black leggings though. Not the best outfit! Nowadays you’re more likely to see me wearing leopard print as either a statement or as a natural. If you read my post all about finding my style and sticking with it then you’ll have already seen a touch of animal print in that outfit…

A close up of Laura wearing an animal print playsuit belted at the waist with a black chunky belt

Using Animal Print As A Neutral

There are some prints that are in no way neutral. For me, animal print is a neutral in wardrobe and has been for a long time. It pairs well with black, beige, cream and basically another other colour you want to wear it with. For me, the best way to wear animal print if you’re a bit nervous about it is keeping it neutral with black accessories is the way to go.

This Primark jumpsuit was a bargainous £6. I mean it isn’t the best quality, and I know that we should be buying better quality items that are going to last us longer. If you’re after something that is *slightly* better quality, then check out this cute leopard print playsuit Pretty Little Thing. For me though, this will be in my wardrobe for years. It’s so versatile because of the print. I’ll wear it with a pair of sandals on warm days, perhaps with black heels on a night out, and of course the way I’ve styled it here. A simple black belt to cinch in my waist, black tights as it’s too chilly for bare legs right now, and my trusty black ankle boots that I can wear all day without getting sore feet.

Laura wearing an leopard print playsuit, belted at the waist with a black chunky belt, black tights and ankle boots

Pairing Animal Prints With Brights

To add some fun to a neutral animal print I’d pair it with a bright colour. With this outfit in particular, I’d add a red handbag, or perhaps a red belt. A pop of red lipstick always looks great with animal print, too. Any bright colour looks fab though.

If you’d rather go with touches of animal print, how about a red dress with an animal print belt, or a khaki jumpsuit with a pair of leopard print sandals. I have a pair of sliders in animal print just waiting to be worn when the sun is shining. Please hurry up!

Laura wearing a leopard print playsuit, belted at the waist with a black chunky belt, with black opaque tights.

Are you a fan of animal print? Which is your favourite print? Some of the pieces I’ve had in my wardrobe the longest are leopard print when I think about it.


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