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24 Hours in Scarborough, Yorkshire

Last month I headed down to Scarborough with my Mam. A seaside jolly isn’t what we had in mind, in fact, we had tickets to see Biffy Clyro at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre. But as I was driving all that way and staying overnight we decided to have a few hours in the town before driving home the next day. It was my first visit since I was about 8 or 9 years old, so I was intrigued as to how much I would remember about the place. Turns out, that wasn’t a lot.

I don’t have any recommendations on where to stay for you, just where not to stay. When I bought the Biffy Clyro tickets I reserved a room on in one of the lowest-priced hotels. This was a mistake. Although The Grand Hotel looks very impressive from the outside with its imposing position overlooking the seafront, it is very outdated. I’d go as far as describing it as shabby. There is a grand, sweeping staircase as you enter the foyer which is beautiful. It isn’t like that now. The carpets are worn bare in certain areas and when you look closely there are areas of the hotel that just aren’t clean. Don’t even get me started on the springs in our mattress. It was the worst bed I’ve ever slept in my life. Do not stay here.

Scarborough Harbour

Scarborough Harbour is a lovely area to have a wander around. You can walk right up to the lighthouse and are rewarded with a lovely view back over to the mainland. I’m talking as if it’s a super long walk, it isn’t at all, but worth going slightly out of your way for. We noticed adverts for various boat trips in the area, such as a steamboat and a pirate ship. We didn’t have enough time for either of those, plus I don’t have very good sea legs. I’d be vomiting before the boat even left Scarborough Harbour, unfortunately.

A Stroll Along Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach is quite infamous, right? Lots of golden sands and the water shallow enough to have a paddle. It wasn’t very warm when we were there but can imagine that this week the beach would have been absolutely packed. With donkey rides, fish and chips shops and ice cream parlours lining the beachfront, I can see why it is popular with families. You can see the castle from the beach but we, unfortunately, didn’t have enough time to climb up to visit it. Maybe next time.

As well as wandering along towards the harbour, we turned back and walked in the opposite direction towards the Spa area. There’s cute beach huts down there and a slightly quieter area of the beach. A lovely walk along the seafront, too.

To get from our hotel down to the beach you either had to walk don a lot of steps or you could ride in the Victorian funicular. Of course, we chose the funicular. I’ve never been in one before so just had to give it a go. What is a funicular, I hear you ask. It is the tram-like vehicle which transports passengers down steep hills to avoid steps. A great invention if you ask me.

Where We Ate in Scarborough

Another area I can’t comment too much on. As we were in a bit of a rush when we arrived we actually just ate at a Pizza Hut. Not the nicest Man n Cheese I’ve ever had but it filled a hole.

Scarborough is, of course, famous for its fish and chips. Coming from a town which is also famous for fish and chips (Amble), I’m afraid I am very hard to please in this area. Amble is the best place in the country for a chippy tea in my humble opinion. Nevertheless, before heading to Scarborough I did some Googling and found the name of a very popular fish and chip shop. It was right on the seafront. As we wandered past and had a bit of a nosey at what other people were eating we decided not to eat there. The chips looked pale and just not nice at all. I’m not going to name the place as I’m sure other people would love this restaurant, but it just wasn’t for us.

Earlier in the day we popped into a little cafe for a cuppa and a scone. From the outside, it didn’t look too great but the scones were delicious. I can’t remember the name and Google is letting me down here. It as right on the seafront towards the pier and as ship-themed if I remember correctly

If I ever visited again I’d definitely do a little more research on where to stay and where to eat. It seems like the kind of place where there’d be some cool independent places hidden in backstreets.




  • Tori Tyreman

    Hey! So nice that you came to Scarborough, I actually live there so if you need any recommendations for next time then feel free to message me! There’s so many independent places opening like you said, and there’s plenty of things you would enjoy!
    Yeah… the grand isn’t nice I’m so sorry you had a bad experience, I think most people do there!

    Lots of love, Tori. (

    • Laura

      It certainly didn’t spoil our stay as the location was great, but I’ve learned my lesson haha I should have done more research beforehand, but I was more focused on the fact I was seeing Biffy Clyro!
      Laura x

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