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A Summer Uniform + How To Style It

The last few days have been HOT in the UK. I don’t know about you, but I have a go-to summer uniform. It comes in handy for those days when it’s too hot to think straight, nevermind put together a cohesive outfit. A simple top, midi skirt and a pair of strappy sandals. Over the past year or so I’ve accumulated quite the collection of midi skirts. I gushed about them here already. I always used to think that midi skirts just wouldn’t work on me since I’m very petite. In fact, they are super flattering on shorter gals like me. As for sandals, strappy pairs are my faves. I find chunkier pairs are too clumpy on me. I need something more delicate on my small frame. Let me tell you more about my summer uniform.

Summer Uniform – A Simple Top

The first part of my summer uniform is a simple top. Whether that be a vest top, a t-shirt or a bodysuit. Plain colours work best for me as I have a lot of printed midi skirts, and I’m not particularly a fan of a pattern clash. The most important factor in choosing a good, simple top for my summer uniform is the thickness of the fabric. I find that a thicker material is more forgiving on any lumps and bumps. A very thin fabric is just a no go for me. Also, something long enough to tuck into my skirt is a must. I’m not into having my stomach on show right now.

Laura wearing her summer uniform consisting of a mint green and pink midi skirt, nude sandals with a green cord jacket.

The Midi Skirt

As I said, a midi skirt is so flattering on me. No matter your shape there’s a midi skirt out there for you. I tend to not go for more fitted midi skirts as I don’t like how they cling to my curves. A straight style or slightly a-line works well for me. Although I don’t like too much volume as it can swamp me. My personal preference is a skirt that sits on my natural waistline, too. I have an hourglass figure, so clothing that draws attention to my middle is super flattering.

Laura wearing her summer uniform consisting of a mint green and pink midi skirt, nude sandals with a green cord jacket.

Strappy Sandals

I’ve owned my fair shared of sandals over the years. I really love the look of chunky black sandals on other people, but on me, they just look too clunky. A nude sandal – very near to my skin tone – looks great. The very neutral shade also means I can wear it with any other colour. They also look great with jeans as well as midi skirts and dresses.

In fact, I wore the nude ones so much that I also bought them in a beautiful orange colour, too. My only regret is that I didn’t get them in black, too. My beauties are from Primark, but Public Desire has a very similar (almost identical) pairs on sale right now. I am truggling to stop myself from ordering the gorgeous leopard print pair to be honest.

Do you have a go-to ‘summer uniform’ you wear over and over again? I’ve literally got this combination on as I write this post!




  • Bekki

    Love your outfit – especially that jacket! It even matches your blog theme!

    • Laura

      Thank you – That was unintentional, honest haha 🙂 x

  • Lauren

    Love your outfit! I’ve been struggling so much in this heat to find things to wear to work 🙁 x

    • Laura

      I’d totally wear this for work – maybe with a white blouse rather than the vest top! 🙂 x

  • Gemma

    That skirt is so nice! Im loving these green tones

    • Laura

      It is so pretty, right!? 🙂

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