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The Perfect 90’s Summer Sandal

Laura wearing a bright floral maxi skirt with a striped top and orange sandals

Let me tell you about the perfect 90’s summer sandal and why you need a pair in your life right now.

A few years ago I stopped wearing stiletto heels and opted for lower, block heels instead. I’ve always struggled with very high heels and ended up with sore feet from trying to wear them. The only problem was that lower heels just weren’t as nice as pairs that had a stiletto. I could find strappy, pointy pairs but they didn’t really go with anything. I then found a gold pair of sandals which had a strap around the ankle and one strap over the foot. They just weren’t very comfortable, though. In comes this year’s 90’s summer sandal.

Why You Need a 90’s Summer Sandal

So why am I telling you that you should grab a pair of these sandals right now? If you feel frumpy in flats but find heels very uncomfortable, this is the summer shoe for you. I want to feel like I’m dressed up and gain a few inches in height but I don’t want the balls of my feet to be burning within an hour.

This style of sandal has the perfect sized heel. Around two or three inches. The fact that it is a nice block heel makes them super comfortable to wear. I’ve walked around in mine for hours and didn’t get sore feet. In fact, I wore this exact pair while exploring Belsay Hall, Northumberland. I’d definitely recommend trainers or hiking boots for that particular visit, I wasn’t left hobbling in these gorgeous sandals.

Aside from comfort, I’d recommend a pair of these sandals in your wardrobe because they are so versatile. I’ve worn mine very casually with a pair of cargo trousers here. I’ve also worn them with various summer dresses and skirts like in this outfit. They look perfect with a gorgeous maxi dress for a wedding, too.

Not only are they versatile for the occasion, but they can literally be worn with anything. Jeans, maxi dresses, mini skirts, midi dresses, denim shorts, playsuits. I’m telling you, anything! Any hot weather holiday I go on from now on, these will be my ‘going out’ shoe that I’ll always pack.

What’s more, with the high street starting to stock their rails with autumn/winter trends, the 90’s summer sandal seems to be on sale everywhere. My top pick is this pair of ASOS red sandals with a gorgeous gold disc on the front that makes them a little more snazzy. Mine are actually from Primark, but you can almost identical pairs from Public Desire.




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