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South Shields Coast – Why I Fell in Love with it

The Groyn at Little Haven Beach, South Shields

I’m a seaside kinda girl. Born and bred in Amble, I love to be at the coast. Just a walk around the pier on a summer evening makes me feel calm and relaxed. I hadn’t really visited the South Shields Coast until the last year or so. I’ve been missing out, and if you haven’t visited this area of coastline then you’re seriously missing out too.

A walk along the South Shields Coast

The first time I visited Marsden Beach was June 2018. I’d heard of Marsden Rock before but had never actually been there. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I honestly felt like I could have been somewhere in the Mediterranean. The beach wasn’t packed, either, which is a huge bonus.

The beach in my pictures here is actually Littlehaven. There’s a huge carpark right at the beach so it’s very accessible. You can walk along towards the sand dunes passed the arcades and fish and chip shops, or you can walk to the left and along to The Groyne where you’ll get the beautiful views across to North Tyneside.

A Great View of Tynemouth Priory

Tynemouth beaches seem to be the most popular beaches on hot days, but with a gorgeous view of Tynemouth Priory from the South Shields Coast, I think it’s a hidden gem. I’m not saying no one knows about this beach, of course, they do! It’s just that I don’t think most people who aren’t from area realise how lovely it is.

Also, if you walk along towards The Groyne you’ll get a fab view of North Shields Fish Quay. As I used to live there I love an alternative view of the town.

South Shields Coast - Souter Lighthouse

The Lighthouses

I’m a bit of a lighthouse fiend. I don’t know why I just find them super aesthetically pleasing. From the South Shields Coast, you can see Tynemouth lighthouse, The Groyne, and South Shields lighthouse.

A little further along the coast towards Sunderland, you can visit Souter lighthouse. It is just so pretty! The lighthouse wasn’t open when we visited as it was around 8.30pm, but I’m going to have to visit again so I can go inside for sure!

Do you have any lighthouse recommendations for me to visit? I’ve already visited the one at Scarborough Harbour, but I’d love to see more!




  • Victorai

    Wow looks so beautiful there, I definitely need to pay this place a visit very soon. Great imagery and post xxx

    • Laura

      Thank you! It is so lovely there 🙂 x

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