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A Summer Wedding Guest Outfit – What To Wear?

Summer Wedding Guest Outfit

We’re in the midst of Summer Wedding Guest season. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I struggle to find something to wear that is comfortable and that I feel good in.

How To Choose A Summer Wedding Guest Outfit

Don’t Wear White!

It goes without saying right? Never wear white to a wedding, unless it’s your own wedding of course! I wouldn’t even wear a white-based print to a wedding. I’d be so annoyed if someone turned up to my big day wear white. It’s just rude! This dress is a light beige tone which I think is fine, especially with the lovely floral print. It flows so nicely as you move which gives it a really romantic feel. This particular dress is a little booby though, so if you have a bigger chest like me you might feel a little self-conscious. I’d pop a nice blazer over the top if I was invited to the ceremony rather than just the evening do.

Speaking of wearing white, I did pair this dress with my white 90’s sandals and bag – they just goi with everything! In my opinion, white accessories are fine for a wedding, as it’s such a small amount of the colour. I think a gorgeous pair of gold sandals would look fab with this dress too though.

Something Floaty & Floral

For a summer wedding, you can’t beat a floaty, floral dress. In fact, I’d say that goes for a wedding guest outfit for any season. Finding a fabulous dress that you can pull out for every fancy occasion takes the stress out of it. It also means you’re not spending a fortune every time you need something a little more formal to wear, and if it is a good quality piece will last in your wardrobe for years to come. We all need to do our bit to be more sustainable when it comes to what we wear, even in very small ways. Having a gorgeous dress that you’re going to re-wear rather than purchasing something new for every event you go to is a great start towards being more sustainable.

Summer Wedding Guest Outfit

An Outfit You’re Comfortable In

I don’t know about you but I like to have a good dance at a wedding. If you’re wearing an outfit that you’re self-conscious in, or generally it just isn’t very comfortable, then you’re not going to be feeling your best.

If you never wear dresses, maybe don’t go all out in a floaty, floral maxi dress for a wedding. There is no rule that you have to wear a dress for a wedding. An amazing tailored suit with a cami underneath would look so chic. As would a pair of coloured trousers with a gorgeous blouse.

My go-to summer wedding guest outfit would always be a dress as that is what I feel most comfortable in. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I wear dresses all the damn time. They make me feel feminine and rather fancy. Exactly how I want to feel at a summer wedding. Do you have a go-to summer wedding guest outfit?



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