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The Perfect Little White Dress – Does it exist?

The Perfect White Denim Dress

It does! Although I was starting to think that the perfect little white dress didn’t exist. For at least two summers I’ve been on the hunt for “the one”. They’ve either not been very good quality, or just didn’t fit right. Very recently I found an amazing white denim dress in Matalan, and it inspired me to share my tips on how to find the perfect little white dress with you.

The perfect little white dress

Check The Fabric Quality

If you’re wearing white you don’t want it to be so thin that you can see your underwear. It’s not a good look. This had always been my problem with finding a good white dress. I’d see one I loved, try it on, and it would basically be see-through. And I mean so sheer that you could see nude underwear through it. For me, that is an absolute no go. That is exactly the reason why denim is the perfect fabric for a white dress. It is fairly thick so is certainly not sheer, and the structured quality of the fabric means it is a super flattering fit, too.

Choose The Right Silhouette For Your Body Shape

For me, the most flattering style of dress is something that is not too voluminous and that has some form of a tie at the waist. I have a definite hourglass figure, therefore my waist is my smallest pair and I like to accentuate it. If you have more of an apple shape, perhaps an a-line dress would work for you, whereas if you are more straight up and down a dress with more volume in the sleeves and skirt would give the illusion of a curvier figure. If you’re unsure I’d recommend trying on lots of different styles. Even though I have a good understanding of the style of dress I like to wear, I still try on other styles as I’m often surprised that something I never normally wear looks fab on.

The perfect little white dress

Wearing White Head To Toe

I’ve always loved the look of all-white outfits, and simply adding white accessories to a white dress is the easiest way to achieve the look. The white version of my perfect 90’s summer sandals have barely been off my feet since I bought them a month or so ago. Not only do they look great with this monotone outfit, but they can be worn with any other colour in your wardrobe.

A white handbag isn’t an accessory I ever thought I’d have in my wardrobe. I always thought white bags looked a little tacky. Well, this little beauty from Accesorize has changed my mind about that. It has quickly become my go-to bag, although I have to put my cash and cards into the zipped section as my purse doesn’t fit inside the bag. Not a big deal, really. It has a 90’s vibe to it, too. A perfect match for my sandals.

I’ve linked lots of lovely dresses below if you’re on the hunt for the perfect little white dress. Let me know how you get on!




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